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Exports of canned peaches in the southern hemisphere fell by a quarter

Issuing time:2021-04-19 13:34

In the first three months of this year, total exports of canned peaches from Chile, Argentina and South Africa fell 26% year-on-year, with South Africa the biggest drop. Chile exported 10600 tons, an average of the same period in previous years. Mexico remains its largest traditional market, with a 65% share. The U.S. market has continued to grow since 2018 and has recently become the second market for canned Chilean peaches. Peru is also an important traditional market for canned Chilean peaches, with an export volume of about 1400 tons in the first quarter.

In Argentina, the canned peach trade is developing as expected: most of the canned peach production can be fully absorbed by the domestic market due to the lack of carry over from the previous season and the low production in the current season. However, due to the domestic market downturn caused by the inflation rate, the export share is expected to remain at an average level (16000 tons in 2019), and the output in the first three months of this year has reached 1800 tons so far (1500 tons in the first quarter of 2019).

In the first quarter, South African canned peach trade fell 40% year on year to 8000 tons. According to the latest financial report of Rhodes and tiger brands, the outbreak of covid-19 in January suddenly interrupted the delivery of high-quality peaches to China's top market, traditionally accounting for more than 25% of the total. The growth recently noted in the U.S. market was also interrupted in the first few months of this year: local sources confirmed in early March that many orders were on hold, mainly from food suppliers, with exports of only 800 tons during the period.

As the epidemic continues to affect South America and the Caribbean, the requirements of the procedure and the availability of containers and local transport have reduced export flows and logistics. However, in the second quarter, the region's canned peach trade (which accounts for the majority of total exports) is likely to grow without significant changes, as in previous years.

South Africa has a different situation, and its products are highly dependent on overseas markets - China, Japan, the United States, Australia, Germany or New Zealand. Competition is expected to intensify as the harvest and canning season approaches in the northern hemisphere (China, Greece, California and Spain).

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