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China's new season pear market from a high starting point

Issuing time:2021-04-19 13:34

The yield of Huangguan pear was affected by the cold in spring. It is estimated that the yield of Huangguan pear will be reduced by 50%, which is the largest of all varieties. Sydney also suffered. Compared with other varieties, Yali pear has stronger cold resistance. The market environment is affected by the shortage of supply. On July 10, the purchase price of Huangguan in Anhui and Shandong was 4.6 yuan per kilogram (US $0.66 per kilogram), while that in Hebei was 4.8 yuan per kilogram. On July 14, local suppliers said that the highest price in Hebei reached 6.8 yuan / kg. Export prices also rose accordingly.

Given the sharp rise in prices, some suppliers are rapidly diversifying their sources of purchase. Some go to Shandong and Anhui, while others look for other pear varieties.

Since last season, many suppliers have sold out of refrigerated pears. This situation may affect the price of other pears, such as Xinjiang Aksu fragrant pear.

However, the overall consumer market remains weak. Many summer fruits are sold at low prices, including litchi, pitaya, cherries, nectarines and precocious apples. The price of watermelon in Xinjiang dropped to 0.25 yuan per kilogram.

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