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And initiate food response to New Zealand's anti dumping case against China's canned yellow peach

Issuing time:2021-04-19 10:21

New Zealand's "sunset review" of China's canned yellow peaches was initiated by the Ministry of Commerce, innovation and employment of New Zealand and applied by local agricultural enterprises in New Zealand.

Pioneer food, as the vice president of China canning Association, one of the top ten canning export enterprises in China, and one of many excellent domestic suppliers, actively represents China's canning industry to respond to the lawsuit.

Qingdao creates three modern chemical plants under the jurisdiction of food. The annual sales volume of canned asparagus ranks among the top three in the world. At the same time, it produces more than 20 kinds of products such as yellow peach. It has passed BRCA + and other major international certification. It is an excellent comprehensive supplier of fruits and vegetables in China. In 2019, Qingdao started the international supply chain process reengineering, which is aimed at docking with the world's retail giants under the difficult situation of China's export. It has made great progress in Australia, America, Europe and other markets. It has successfully cooperated with the world's top 25 retail groups. It is a model of docking with the international version of agricultural supermarkets.

Starting from the questionnaire survey in May, the sales director Edward Zou took the lead and engaged a team of professional lawyers to cooperate with the company's finance, business, administration, audit, taxation and other departments. It cost a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. It took six months to cooperate with the investigation and field investigation of New Zealand investigation officials. A preliminary ruling was made on October 16, and a final ruling was made on November 22: there is no dumping of peach cans exported by Chinese enterprises to New Zealand Behavior. For a long time in the future, Chinese canning enterprises led by Qingdao can export yellow peach cans to New Zealand at zero tax rate!

Under the background of changeable international situation and complicated international relations, this lawsuit is not only of great significance to the creation of food industry, but also brings direct benefits to the whole industry, boosting the confidence and confidence of China's canned food export. "Passage for healthy life" has a mission and responsibility. As always, we are willing to bear the same responsibilities with our domestic counterparts in the same industry. For the development and future of China's canning industry, make due contributions.

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